" Naturalwipes is the smarter solution for freshness, cleanliness and care.Handy. Creative. Green and Fun. Whether in your handbag or suitcase, for on-the-go or at home, Naturalwipes is always there where you need it. A firm press. Then a soft click. The unfolding of something small to something big.Naturalwipes is your reliable companion for personal hygiene, care, purification and refreshment. Promote and Market your business with Naturalwipes custom Logo".

Product Overview


The Hand wipes come with different flavours
Roche, Lemon, Sandal Wood, Green Tea, Cool, Grapefruit & Mandarin, Belved


The container (diameter 40mm, height 14mm) is a two-chamber system. In the outer-chamber, the application fluid is held (max.5ml). The inner-chamber holds a compressed cellulose towel (23x22 cm). The two chambers are separated from each other.

The Three components – The application fluid, the recyclable container system and the pressed cellulose bio-degradable towel make up the complete product.

How does it work? Through applied pressure to the middle, the container opens the valve at the bottom and the fluid from the outer-chamber reaches the inner-chamber with the towel. The towel then fully absorbs the fluid and rises vertically. After this contact, the towel can easily be removed, unfolded and put to use.

See video demo on the Product pages.

Handwipe Video

Facewipe Video


Competitive Advantage

Naturalwipes will add competitive advantages over the traditional products...Here's how?

Save Water

Uses about 5 mL of cleansing fluid. Washing your hands requires on average 1.5 L of water

Environmentally Friendly

Is recyclable and does not use preservatives. The cellulose towel is biodegradable. The container is made from PP5 plastic and can be recycled.

Economising Weight

Your reliable companion on-the-go, weighs 10g.

Reduce Spending

The fluid and the towel are separated until its activation. While other wipes dry out after several months.

Saves on Electricity - no need to warm it up before use.